Cleaning With or Without Carpet Cleaning Equipment

We asked Neighborhood Cleaning Services – Alexandria and Sutherland Carpet Cleaning a few questions about carpet cleaning.

Have you ever thinking about starting up a cleaning business and wonder about what carpet cleaning equipment to get? Also, how can we get a carpet clean of general dirt without hiring professional cleaner or cleaning equipment? Those are the questions that are about to be answered now.

Minimum Carpet Cleaning Equipment to Start Business

For anybody who wants to know the minimum equipments required to start carpet cleaning business, I am going to tell you some advice. Just go get yourself an Ashbys Ninja start up pack. You can choose to buy or lease it and you can always get more add-ons for it later. By purchasing it, you will also get 3 Ashbys training courses.

Of course, it is recommended for you to have more than one method of cleaning for a flawless start; not to mention that you should buy as best carpet cleaning equipment as you can afford. Do not forget to carry on advertising, too, for a successful result.

Cleaning Carpet Without Proper Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Since we clean around the house every year, it would be nice to know how to clean it without having to rent, buy, or call a professional. Scrubbing the carpet with water will make it damp and smelly.

Rather than using a carpet cleaner applied on a scrubbing brush, a thorough vacuuming will do most of the job. If you want an all round cleaner, 1001 and Stardrops are reliable brands to get. You need to shift and sprinkle a tub of baking powder onto the carpet if it smells. Vacuum after you leave it overnight. It is an amazingly effective and eco friendly method.

I also found that the best way to spot clean the carpet is by using a mixing of a little water, baking soda, and Dish soap in a bowl with hot water. Then, you just scrub the spot you want to be cleaned, and then lay it over the spot with a dry towel and. Push on it after that to retrieve as much moisture as possible out of it. Help the carpet dry faster with a fan or something in that room without leaving that mildew smell.

You can spray a foamy carpet cleaner thing on the carpet stains and just scrub with a really thick brush. It works well, eventhough it is definitely tiring and will hurt your arms. It was a cleaner in a blue can that I dont remember the name now. As another plus, after you are done cleaning the carpet, it will leave a pleasant fresh scent to it that stays on a while. You may also rub a carpet cleaning powder and spray from Resolve into your carpet. Vacuum it up after awhile. This method worked on my light tan carpet and I find it good for cleaning spots and difficult stains.

If you get animal wee on a carpet or some odd mark, spill, or any other stains after cleaning carpets, you can rub the small area with a bar soap and wipe it with a damp cloth. Do it as many times until you see it looks good. Then, you just leave the slight soap smell without rinse it. It would be nice to leave a good clean fresh smell on the carpet, even without proper carpet cleaning equipment.


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